Sports Injury Foot Treatment: What You Need To Know

sports injury foot

Regardless of age, athletes are at increased risk for sports injury foot pain and disorders. Responsible for gait and mobility, the fragile anatomy of the foot can be easily compromised while playing sports.

While many injuries can be simple sprains, more severe foot injuries are easily brushed off as a sprain when, in reality, the damage is worse. Podiatry Inc. treats common sports-related foot injuries and prevents them from getting worse.

Diagnosing Common Sports Injury Foot Disorders

An active lifestyle requires you to protect your feet by wearing the right shoes and using recommended gear, but not all injuries are sudden or preventable. The pathway to effective treatment for sports injury foot disorders begins with a rapid diagnosis. Some of the most common sports-related foot injuries include:

  • Stress fractures – When you repeatedly put pressure on your foot, kick a ball or otherwise engage in a sports-related activity, a stress fracture can occur. This type of injury can lead to pain, redness and bruising. A digital X-ray can quickly find the source of the fracture and guide sports medicine specialists in recommending helpful treatment.
  • Neuroma – The cause of a painful, burning sensation near the base of the toes, a neuroma is the result of nerve tissue thickening in the nerves leading to your toes. X-rays and MRIs are the best tools to diagnose a neuroma. At Podiatry Inc., we can explore treatment options to relieve pain or remove the affected nerve.
  • Heel pain – Often a result of plantar fasciitis, heel pain can make walking (let alone sports) unbearable. The FOOTMAXX Metascan is a diagnostic tool that helps our practitioners reveal the cause of pain and offer recommendations to improve mobility.
  • Ankle Instability – often the result of repeated ankle sprains that can make running and cutting along with jumping difficult. Let us evaluate whether an orthotic, brace or surgery is needed.
  • Turf Toe – often the result of direct trauma or stubbing of the big toe. We can design treatments to help alleviate and improve the function of the big toe joint post injury and get you back in the game quicker.

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