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Podiatry Bill Payment in Northeast OH - Podiatry Inc.

Podiatry, Inc. makes it easy to view and pay bills after each appointment. One-time patients and regular patients alike receive access to MyProviderLink, our online billing system platform, where they can log on and keep track of their billing and payment history.

Here are just some of the benefits that Podiatry, Inc. patients will experience from using online bill pay:

  • Make one-time payments at your earliest convenience
  • Patients receiving regular treatments can set up automated payments
  • View and pay bills anytime, anywhere
  • Access your account without the hassle of mail or phone calls
  • See all your foot and ankle care history in one location
  • Accurate record keeping with digital receipts
  • Immediate notification when an eBill is ready

In addition, using online bill pay provides the opportunity to go paperless. Patients can opt out of receiving mail from Podiatry, Inc., choosing instead to make all correspondence digital. This is an economic and environmentally friendly choice that many of our patients prefer. Plus, it accommodates busy lifestyles, especially for those who travel frequently but still want to pay their bill when they’re away from home.

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Need foot and ankle care in Northeast Ohio? Whether you have a sports-related ankle injury, require diabetic footwear or are experiencing alignment issues, Podiatry, Inc. is here to help. Treat your foot pain now, and take care of the payments later, thanks to our online bill pay system. Find a Cleveland foot and ankle specialist nearest you for more information.

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