Medical Equipment Supplier

The team of doctors at Podiatry, Inc. provides comprehensive care and diagnostics, as well as foot and ankle braces, supports, inserts and other orthotic equipment. Standard supplies are always in stock to provide immediate relief to patients.
Medical Equipment Supplier in Northeast OH - Podiatry Inc.
Medical equipment is available at our five Cleveland-area office locations for both adult and pediatric patients. This equipment is used for:

  • Sports medicine
  • Diabetic shoes and inserts
  • Infectious diseases of the foot and ankle
  • Trauma care
  • Geriatric care
  • Wound management
  • Foot and ankle surgery

We can also create custom foot and ankle solutions using state-of-the-art, 3-D imaging technology. Whether a patient is in need of diabetic footwear or a leg brace personalized to their gait, they’ll find the care they need at Podiatry, Inc.

FOOTMAXX Metascan Technology

In order to provide custom orthotics, our board-certified team of podiatrists utilizes FOOTMAXX Metascan technology. A pressure mat performs biomechanical gait assessments and sends acquired information to a computer screen. Since a person’s walk can reveal a lot about their foot and ankle health, they simply have to walk across the mat and let the technology take care of the rest.

Custom Foot And Ankle Orthotics

When a patient steps on the mat, a series of scans can detect pressure distribution, leg length discrepancies, alignment deviations, movement patterns and body symmetry. The mat also analyzes how a patient’s gait differs between walking and running and how the left foot responds compared to the right.

As a result, a comprehensive, accurate read is obtained. The podiatrist and the patient will be able to learn if any abnormalities are present and how extensive an injury is. From there, the FOOTMAXX Metascan technology can translate the data into a prescription, so a custom mold can be developed. Patients will be able to walk away with braces, supports, inserts and footwear fitted and personalized to their unique needs, whether it’s for gait correction or pain relief.

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To learn more about our stock of foot and ankle supplies, call (216) 245-1290 for foot care in Beachwood, Mayfield Village and Mentor, OH, or call (330) 630-9030 to speak with the Tallmadge office. Otherwise, schedule an appointment today to receive customized foot solutions from Podiatry, Inc.

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