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twisted ankle care

We’ve all done it at some point — most of us more than once. It can happen while playing a sport, exercising or just walking down the street. You take a step but catch the side of your foot, twisting your ankle to one side as all your weight bears down on it.

The most common result is a sprain, which is painful but often treatable with ice and rest. But it’s hard to know right away if that’s all it is or if it’s something more serious. Podiatry Inc. offers twisted ankle care to diagnose your injury, treat it and get you back on your feet.

Is Your Twisted Ankle A Sprain, Or Is It A Fracture?

Some people believe that the test of whether a twisted ankle is a sprain or fracture is whether you can put weight on it. Actually, it isn’t that simple. Even a severe sprain can make it impossible for your injured ankle to bear weight — at least not without tremendous pain. To find out the extent of your injury with certainty, you need an X-ray. Podiatry Inc. provides low-cost, hassle-free digital X-rays by our top-notch technicians.

Even Sprains Need Attention

Don’t forego medical attention just because your ankle isn’t fractured. If your twisted ankle is a more serious sprain, it could require therapy, immobilization or another treatment to heal properly. At Podiatry Inc., we diagnose and treat your twisted ankle, so you can put the injury behind you.

Four Locations And Six Doctors To Serve You

The Podiatry Inc. team consists of six doctors, all board certified and specially trained to handle any podiatry issue, working across four locations in Northeast Ohio. No matter where your twisted ankle occurred, we have a dedicated podiatrist close by who can help.

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After twisting your ankle, make your first call to Podiatry Inc. We can diagnose your injury and treat it effectively, no matter how serious it is. Our doctors are knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly and ready to serve you. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at 216-245-1290 or 330-630-9030.

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