Podiatry Digital X-Ray

Podiatry Inc.Digital X-Ray has revolutionized the way we treat foot and ankle injuries. It provides specific podiatric labeling that allows quick imaging. It also makes reviewing easier, providing a variety of angles and measurements that help in prescribing the correct medication. Not only this, it is also relatively economical, allowing you to make informed decisions on how to spend your healthcare dollars.

Do you want to save $115? Did you know that the average cost of a foot x-ray varies greatly depending on where you have it done? Foot x-rays performed in a hospital or hospital affiliated outpatient center cost $140. Foot x-rays performed in a Podiatrist office cost $25. This is a $115 savings. If you have a deductible with your insurance plan, this could benefit your budget greatly. If you are worried that you injured your foot, and would like an x-ray to make sure it is not broken, call our offices today for an appointment at 216-245-1290.

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