Diagnosing Foot & Ankle Conditions With Digital X-Ray

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Taking care of foot and ankle problems quickly can help you return to your normal, everyday life without pain. At Podiatry Inc., the use of digital X-ray has revolutionized the way we treat foot and ankle injuries. Digital radiography drastically reduces testing to viewing time and allows our doctors to quickly review images and evaluate foot and ankle injuries and conditions. We are dedicated to providing top-notch care and helping patients improve their quality of life by relieving foot and ankle pain with the latest advances in treatment and technology.

Benefits Of Digital X-Ray For The Foot & Ankle

Less Radiation: Digital X-rays have several benefits when compared to traditional X-ray systems. The overall health and well-being of our patients is a top priority. Digital X-ray enables us to diagnose conditions at the lowest possible risk with the highest possible return for you. When you get an X-ray, your foot or ankle is placed in front of sensors that read and capture the X-rays as they pass through you. The digital X-ray images that are created allow us to get crystal clear, concise images with very little radiation exposure. The elimination of traditional film also benefits our staff and the environment — there is no need to handle or dispose of hazardous processing chemicals when using digital X-ray.

foot x-ray on tabletInstant Results: Traditional radiographs use large pieces of film that take time to develop, which means that patients have to wait to have images developed and evaluated and their condition diagnosed. With digital X-ray, the image can be seen instantly on a computer screen. These X-ray images of the foot and ankle can be darkened, lightened, magnified and adjusted for improved quality, which allows doctors and patients to get a better view.

Visual Clarity: Digital X-rays provide much more detailed images than traditional X-rays. At Podiatry Inc., our doctors use digital X-ray to detect and diagnose all types of foot injuries and conditions, including fractures, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tumors and joint deformities such as bunions. These images also help us accurately diagnose the causes of unexplained symptoms such as general foot or ankle pain, swelling and tenderness. Viewing clear, crisp digital X-rays can give you a better understanding of your injury or condition and help you can make informed treatment decisions.

Easier Coordination of Care: We can send digital X-rays to your other healthcare providers within minutes. This makes it much easier to take a team approach to treatment and provide the best quality foot and ankle care. We can also put images on a CD that you can take with you.

Affordability: The average cost of a foot X-ray varies greatly depending on where you have it done. Although most insurance companies cover digital X-ray, the cost is often applied to a patient’s yearly deductible, which means you could end up paying for the test out of pocket. Getting a digital X-ray of your feet or ankles at our office costs $25, compared to about $140 at a hospital or hospital-affiliated outpatient center, giving you a savings of $115 or more.

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If you’re experiencing pain or you are concerned about a foot or ankle condition, an affordable digital X-ray can help you get the diagnosis and treatment you need and prevent your condition from worsening. To learn more about digital X-ray and other services we offer, contact Podiatry Inc. at 216-245-1290 for our Beachwood, Mayfield Village and Mentor offices and 330-630-9030 in Tallmadge. Our experienced team of board-certified podiatrists looks forward to serving your needs.

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