Diabetic Foot Care And Diabetic Ulcers

diabetic foot care

Foot problems experienced by people with diabetes can quickly become serious, leading to amputation or worse. At Podiatry Inc., we bring a wealth of experience to the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic ulcers and other diabetic foot care issues.

Foot Problems Experienced By People With Diabetes

Patients with diabetes very often experience foot issues that typically stem from nerve damage caused by diabetes. They may experience tingling sensations and weakness, even losing feeling in their feet. Consequently, a simple injury can quickly become life-threatening or result in amputation, making diabetic foot care a high priority.

Among the problems that often arise from the loss of feeling from neuropathy are diabetic ulcers. These can occur as a result of injury or from a deficiency of oil on the skin, which leaves the skin vulnerable to cracking and infection.

Treatment For Diabetic Ulcers At Podiatry Inc.

Diabetic ulcers often form when outer layers of skin tissue break down, exposing the more vulnerable tissue underneath. Sometimes, the skin tries to provide its own protection through developing calluses, but actual treatment is needed to protect the foot.

Sometimes it is necessary to undergo surgical correction of a bone abnormality to prevent ulcers. Our surgeons at Podiatry are all board certified and qualified in Foot Surgery and can develop a comprehensive plan for each individual. Our experts shave down calluses and remove dead tissue to prevent ulcers from forming and becoming infected. We also employ preventive measures by removing the pressure and chafing that can cause ulcers to form. As part of our treatment protocols, we use state-of-the-art technology to create therapeutic insoles designed to fit your foot precisely so calluses and ulcers don’t form in the first place.

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Whether you’re concerned about the development of calluses and wounds on your feet or you’re experiencing tingling, weakness, stinging or loss of feeling in your toes and feet, you need to take good care of your feet. At Podiatry Inc., we know how to treat your feet to protect them and keep them from developing far more serious complications. Contact us today at 216-245-1290 if you’re in Beachwood, Mayfield Village or Mentor, or call us at 330-630-9030 to schedule an appointment in Tallmadge.

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