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Diabetic Foot Care - Beachwood, OH - Podiatry, IncSevere foot problems have many causes. Those living with diabetes know that foot complications can emerge due to nerve damage, known medically as neuropathy, as well as other changes that occur with a diabetes diagnosis. Tingling, burning, stinging, or weakness in the foot can cause pain and discomfort. Additionally, some diabetic patients also lose feeling in their foot. With numbness, a common injury can become debilitating and even life threatening. Even without injury, poor blood flow or changes in the shape of the feet or toes in some diabetic patients can cause unbearable difficulties. Podiatry Inc. has board certified doctors and surgeons on staff that specialize in diabetic foot care and trauma.

Diabetic Foot Complications

Patients with both Type I and Type II diabetes will most likely experience problems with their feet. Neuropathy, as mentioned above, is often a root cause. Skin changes are also common within the feet of diabetic patients. Oil deficiencies can cause extreme dryness and leave skin prone to peeling, cracking, and infection.

Foot calluses and ulcers are also common complaints as they tend to build up faster in people with diabetes. Our specialists can help to shave down calluses so that ulcers and infection do not develop. Additionally, therapeutic shoes or insoles can be worn to help prevent calluses and ulcers from forming. Our cutting edge technology gives us access to amazing sources for insole shaping and other therapeutic needs.

Those with diabetes are highly prone to foot and leg amputation due to reduced blood flow or extreme infection and damage. The best way to keep from amputation is proper foot care and medical advice.

Prevention and Proper Care

The most important way to care for diabetic feet is to take care of your diabetes. When your blood sugar and overall health are in check, the health of your feet will follow. Wash and check your feet every day and be sure to wear shoes and socks at all times. When you walk barefoot, your feet are more prone to injury. Socks and shoes also protect your feet from dangerous heat or cold. These extremes can be difficult to feel when you are suffering from nerve damage.

Additionally, it is imperative that you always check the inside of your shoes before putting them on. This will ensure that debris will not poke your feet, or lead to injury that could lead to extreme infection. Regular activity can help your diabetes, but it also keeps blood flowing to your feet and helps with overall circulation. Above all else, do not smoke. Smoking changes blood flow and can lead to dangerous problems.

More than 86,000 amputations a year are performed due to complications from diabetes. Just by being under the regular care of a podiatrist, the risk of amputation goes down by 80 percent. With our preventative diabetic care specialists on your side, amputations are nearly 100 percent preventable.

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