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Bunions are caused by shifting of bones within the foot leading to a bony prominence just beneath the big toe on the joint. They may also be caused by the constant rubbing of tight shoes or may be hereditary. Foot stress or medical conditions like gout or rheumatoid arthritis can spur bunion growth.

Bunion Signs And Symptoms

If you have any of the following symptoms, you may have a bunion:

  • An unusual bulge the protrudes from the outside base of your big toe
  • Discomfort, discoloration and swelling surrounding the bottom joint of your big toe
  • Calluses or corns where your first two toes have been pushed together
  • A stiff or immobile big toe

Podiatric Foot Care For Bunions

Switching to supportive footwear and avoiding flimsy ballet shoes or thin flats can help minimize bunion symptoms. Always make sure your toes have enough room to move and flex as you walk, and use protective padding to cushion sore areas. Ice can be used to reduce swelling and inflammation. Custom orthotics are another excellent option. At Podiatry Inc., we use the FOOTMAXX Metascan to measure our patient’s gait and get a look at any abnormalities. We then utilize the data collected to craft a custom orthotic uniquely suited to each patient’s needs.

If those measures don’t provide enough relief, your doctor may recommend bunion surgery. If you choose this route, your physician will surgically realign the underlying bone, soft tissue and nerves to ease discomfort and correct the abnormality.

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