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Describing Your Symptoms For An Effective Foot Pain Diagnosis

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At Podiatry Inc., our team of board-certified podiatrists understands that it’s not always easy to describe the discomfort or problems you may be having with your foot or ankle. The solution to your pain depends on its source and the type of condition or injury you may have sustained. To get an accurate foot pain diagnosis, it’s essential to be specific.

Why Is An Accurate Foot Pain Diagnosis So Important?

woman feeling pain in her footFoot pain can be debilitating and severely limit your ability to enjoy daily activities. To effectively treat your condition, it’s essential to find the underlying cause of your pain. That’s why it is vital to see a podiatrist as soon as possible if you have suffered an injury or have a problem with your foot. Accurately describing your symptoms and conveying exactly what is hurting you can help your doctor make an effective foot pain diagnosis and get you on the road to treatment and recovery more quickly.

How To Approach Your Foot Pain Diagnosis

One of the easiest ways to start identifying the cause of your foot pain is by pinpointing exactly where the pain is. There are more than 100 tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones in the foot and ankle. From inflammation or damage to the tendons or ligaments to a problem in your bones, pain can come from many different sources. Pain may also radiate to various areas of the foot, which can make foot pain diagnosis tricky. Think about where you feel the most acute pain, when it started and what type of pain it is. Does it feel like a dull ache or a sharp or burning pain? Does the pain radiate to other areas? What types of activities make your pain flare up? Are you having any other symptoms like muscle or joint weakness, sprain or strain?

What To Expect When You See Your Podiatrist

When you visit your doctor, they will most likely ask the following questions about your pain and symptoms:

  • When and how did the pain start?
  • Are you having any other symptoms?
  • What types of activities aggravate your symptoms or cause pain?
  • Is there a daily pattern to your foot pain?
  • Are you experiencing swelling, redness or bruising?
  • Have you tried anything to ease or treat your pain like applying ice or heat or taking anti-inflammatory medications?
  • Have you suffered any previous injuries to your foot or ankle?
  • Has your pain gotten worse, gotten better or stayed the same?
  • What other medical conditions do you have?
  • Are you taking any medications?

After talking with you, your podiatrist will thoroughly examine your feet and ankles and possibly your legs, knees and back. They will observe the movements of your feet and ankles and test the strength and flexibility of your muscles, tendons and ligaments. They may also take digital X-rays to get a look inside and perform a Footmaxx Metascan, which enables your podiatrist to scan for abnormalities and analyze your gait.

How To Prepare For Your Appointment

Think about your symptoms and write down answers to the questions above before visiting your podiatrist. Jot down any questions you may have for the doctor as well. Coming to your appointment armed with this information can help your podiatrist determine exactly what’s going on with your foot or ankle. The more information you can give them, the better — an accurate foot pain diagnosis helps to ensure you receive treatment that targets your specific problem, eases your pain and, eventually, puts a spring in your step.

Contact Our Podiatrists For An Effective Foot Pain Diagnosis

If you’re suffering from foot or ankle pain, our experienced foot care professionals at Podiatry, Inc. can help. Contact our foot clinic at 216-245-1290 for our Beachwood, Mayfield Village and Mentor offices and 330-630-9030 in Tallmadge.


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